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Geo-location Software for Mobile Phones

A privately owned developer of geo-location and cell planning software for mobile phone operators engaged Trinamo to accelerate sales as they were struggling to scale sales past CEO led activity.


  • Over a 7 year engagement, we helped them grow revenues from 1.4m to $26m
  • The company was sold for $85m
  • During our tenure, the company grew from a start-up to an enterprise

How we did it


We collaboratively agreed these project goals:

  • To grow sales – the company was struggling to scale sales beyond CEO led activity
  • To launch new products and enter new geographical markets
  • The recruitment of a global network of technology partners


We took these steps in order to achieve our objectives:

  • Ran our diagnostic exercise to identify sales constraints
  • Inserted a Trinamo VP of Sales and Marketing for 9 months
  • Drove the launch of a new geo-location solution that became the ‘Flagship’ product
  • Expanded sales into Asia
  • Recruited a permanent Global VP of Sales
  • Recruited a network of strategic technology partners including NSN and Ericsson.
  • Ran the Global Accounts team securing a world-wide deployment with a Tier 1 operator

Through the deployment of best practice and focussed sales management and operational execution, Trinamo has helped us build our sales to the highest level ever recorded.


What We've Achieved